Nude Nite Tampa 2015

Tampa 2015 – Nude Nite: March 5-7, 2015
3606 E. 4th Ave. Tampa 33605
6pm – Midnight
Thursday, March 5th – $20
Friday-Saturday, March 6-7th – $25

Art Progress…

Art Progress…

As I continue to participate in local art events, I am finding the feedback and encouragement a resounding support for my own growth as an artist. It is always fascinating to me how my internal dialogue about my work, and the dialogue I pick up on when I stand around...

Collection: Playful

As I regained my artistic voice in 2008 I began with small, playful pieces, filled with color and layers of paper, tempera, wire, and patterns. These pieces were the catalyst for larger canvases later.

Collection: Women

Paper has been one of my favorite elements in the layers of paint and ink, each piece telling a story of my own growth.