2018 Nude Nite

2018 Nude Nite

Heading into another wonderful year with an invitation to bring a piece of work to Nude Nite. Please be sure to join us, March 1-3 America’s Largest Nude Art Exhibition is more than an art show. It is an annual art and entertainment event showing over 200 juried...

Grief Amidst Joy

Working through a challenging year, Grief Amidst Joy reflects the tumultuous movement of busy positive energy in the wake of managing loss and one’s sense of self. This piece sat most the year awaiting my time and focus… and as always, I struggle to...

Nude Nite Tampa 2015

Tampa 2015 – Nude Nite: March 5-7, 2015
3606 E. 4th Ave. Tampa 33605
6pm – Midnight
Thursday, March 5th – $20
Friday-Saturday, March 6-7th – $25