As I continue to participate in local art events, I am finding the feedback and encouragement a resounding support for my own growth as an artist. It is always fascinating to me how my internal dialogue about my work, and the dialogue I pick up on when I stand around my work and hear others chatter is so distinctly different. I feel encouraged, and with the impending empty nest, I expect to have a lot more work in the making. This last event was filled with storms, and we all worried about the turnout. However, the event was great, and I got the interest of a few possible art curators, hoping to land myself a spot on a wall that isn’t just at the Art Mash!

What I know is that Art is an extension of who we are, regardless of how we choose to express it. If we judge what we do, we take away from the “creatives” effort of expression – and short change ourselves. In doing so, we deprive the world of the hope and inspiration that moves their “creatives.” I am always inspired when I attend events like this – looking at the way others see the world. What might my own creativity inspire in others?